Wasteland Leatherwork


Wasteland Leatherwork is a small, one-man operation run out of Phoenix, AZ that specializes in distressed horsehide leatherwork.  Horsehide leather is rare, wonderful leather that is more dense than your everyday cowhide leather, and because of that it is more durable, and it ages beautifully over time.  The horsehide leather used at Wasteland Leather is tanned right here in the United States of America, and because the United States has strict rules on the treatment of horses, it should be noted that this leather is made from animals that have died naturally, or had to be humanely euthanized, making it the most animal friendly real leather available.

The name "Wasteland Leatherwork" was inspired by my Apocalyptic Survivor (AS) accessories, which have been heavily distressed through a process that has been learned and perfected over time through trial-and-error.  All AS pieces are given two coats of dye, minimum, and textured and distressed by hand, which is what gives those pieces their dramatic appearance that makes them look as though they belong to a post-apocalyptic survivor as they wander the wastelands.  I am proud to offer these and other quality punk fashion items that have been hand crafted using materials that can be found in expensive high-fashion items elsewhere, and would be just as proud to make more classic accessories, so feel free to check out the Products page for more information on ordering!

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